The Thriving Author

Or So It Seems: A Look at King's Later Years and Addiction
After King's astounding success with Carrie he began to have his work published more frequently, and he began to develop a more concrete writing style as a result of realizing that, as he puts it, "ideas simply come out of thin air and combine together." This realization, combined with his acceptance that he must let his characters act out their own lives, led to increased success as King wrote what are widely considered to be some of his best works in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

However, King's increased success also carried with it increased stress. In the years after Carrie's publication King began to drink heavily and became addicted to a variety of drugs and medicine, including cocaine, cough syrup, and marijuana. This heavy drug influence, he says, did not greatly effect his writing, but it did nearly cripple his family life. After over a decade of being an alcoholic and a drug addict his family finally stepped in. His wife Tabitha dumped out the remnants of his various drug paraphernalia and empty beer cans onto his desk one day and insisted that he go to rehab. King says that his mind is clearer and his writing has improved greatly after he curbed his addictions, yet many of his most critically acclaimed works, such as The Shining, were written when he was heavily addicted.