The Early Years of King

Steven King's Childhood and its Impact on his Writing
King's writing style is greatly impacted by the experiences throughout his life, especially during his early years. Two major events and one recurring theme in King's childhood ultimately led to his development as a writer: his experience with an ear doctor, his early writing and publication attempts, and his constant moving throughout the country.

The Ear Doctor:
When King was six years old he had a series of ear infections that would not go away. To right this problem his mother took him to an ear doctor, who decided that the solution to his infection was to pierce King's eardrums with a needle, allowing the pus and liquid buildup to escape. This event gave King an extreme sense of mistrust over the phrase "This will only hurt a little bit" (as it always hurts like hell). It also influenced King's perspective on trust and humanity. After recounting his appointments with the ear doctor, he says that "one of my life's firmest principles has been this: Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, shame on both of us."
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The First Stories:
King's first writing experience came as a young child when he copied out a story that was originally from a comic book he read. After being told by his mom that he could do better than copying stories, King came up with an original tale of a family of rabbits. As he grew older he wrote longer stories, which culminated in him writing a story about commercial reward stamps. While his first real story had, as he put it, "major plot holes", the writing and the attempted publishing experience gave him valuable experience, especially "NEVER STAPLE MANUSCRIPTS."

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Green Stamps
Green Stamps

The King Migration:
Throughout King's childhood and adolescence he constantly moved around as his mom looked for what work she could come by. While his migration throughout the country did not directly impact his writing style, it did give him perspective about different parts of the country and provided him with a variety of potential settings for tales later in life.