The Early Writer

King's Early Publications and Their Impact on His Life
As King graduated from The University of Maine he began to search for work teaching English, but he had trouble finding any work teaching and was forced to resort to taking whatever work he could find, while publishing short stories in various magazines such as Cavalier to supplement his income.

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His early stories helped to fuel him with some ideas and pride in his writing as his stories occasionally received recognition outside of the magazines in which they were published, but this was not frequent. The biggest impact that his early publications had on him was that they gave him a feel for the publishing world, as well as a realization that there is no mystical well of ideas where stories come from.

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King's struggles to find a job wound up greatly helping him write some of his most successful early stories, most notably Carrie. Carrie, the story of an adolescent girl with hidden telekinetic powers, became his first major success and he gained most of the inspiration for the infamous shower scene at the beginning of the book from his summer job as a high school janitor. Thanks to his success with Carrie, King was able to break through as a horror writer and start on the way to becoming the world renowned author he is now.