The Blue Van

King's Near Fatal Accident and His Near Retirement
On June 19, 1999, while he was finishing up On Writing, King was out walking when he was struck by a blue van. The driver was distracted by his dog, who was running loose through the van. As a result of the accident King suffered a collapsed right lung, extensive fracturing to his right leg and a broken hip, and he nearly died in the immediate aftermath of the accident. The crash caused King to suffer extreme pain when writing, which led to severe difficulty in the first year after the accident. Since then the physical pain has lessened, but the mental anguish still remains. King is still furious at the driver, Bryan Smith, and his anger and frustration at his inability to write for extended periods of time nearly led to his retirement in 2002. King ultimately decided to continue writing, but some of his more recent books contain allusions to the accident with the blue van.

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